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Customer Object description

customer_shopify_idShopify id of the customer.
first_nameFirst name of the customer.
last_nameLast name of the customer.
next_billing_dateThe upcoming date when the customer will be billed
active_subscriptionsThe count of all the active subscriptions of the customer
paused_subscriptionsThe count of all the paused subscriptions of the customer
cancelled_subscriptionsThe count of all the cancelled subscriptions of the customer
subscriptionsAn array containing all the subscriptions of the customer. See the Subscriptions object for more details

Subscription Object Description

subscription_shopify_idShopify id of the subscription contract.
statusStatus of the subscription as on Shopify.
created_atDate time when the subscription was created.
updated_atDate time when the subscription was last updated.
paused_atDate time when the subscription was paused.
cancelled_atDate time when the subscription was cancelled.
cancellation_reasonReason selected by the customer for cancelling subscription.
is_prepaidBoolean value specifying if the subscription is prepaid or not.
next_billing_dateDate time of the next upcoming charge for the subscription.
last_paymentWhether the last payment was a success or failure
payment_failure_reasonThe reason for payment failure if last payment failed
completed_orders_to_dateNumber of successful billing attempts or in other words the total number of orders created for a subscription including the first order.
total_line_item_priceTotal price of all the subscription line items not including taxes & discounts.
currencyCurrency code for all the prices.
shipping_priceShipping charges associated with the delivery.
shipping_price_currency_codeCurrency code for the shipping price
billing_interval_countBilling interval
delivery_interval_countDelivery interval
line_itemsAn array of line items associated with the contract. See Line Items object for more details

Line Items Object Description

nameThe name of the product variant
product_shopify_idThe shopify id of the product
variant_shopify_idThe shopify id of the variant
quantityQuantity for the product variant associated with the line.
subscription_priceSubscription price for the product variant associated with the line.
base_priceBase price for the product variant associated with the line. Subscription discounts are applied on this price.
discounted_priceFinal discounted price for the product variant charged to the customer after applying discounts.
is_one_time_addedSpecifies whether the product is added only for the upcoming order or not.
is_one_time_removedSpecifies whether the product is removed only for the upcoming order or not.
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